"Health for you" / la santé pour vous"


This radio program in Lao language was created by the IRD, in collaboration with Lao National Radio, to present some of the findings of the research project "Infants Protected by Antiretroviral Therapy State-Of-The-Art Pmtct & Ethnological Analysis in Lao PDR".

  • Disseminate some findings of the research project and reach out to a broad audience (lay public, public health and international development actors, media, researchers)

  • Raise everyone awareness on reproductive health and HIV

  • 15 30-minute shows dealing with a specific topic (maternal and child mortality, the basics of HIV, youth and HIV, HIV risk behaviors, living with HIV, etc.) and articulating data from the scientific literature, testimonies of men and women of various ages, as well as interview excerpts of caregivers and healthcare professionals 

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