In a context where cultural events are rare, the days “ARTS, SCIENCES, ETHICS held in Vientiane in October 22 to 25th, 2019 was an event. Organized in partnership with the IRD
representation in Laos, the University of Health Sciences and the French Institute in Vientiane, these days were dedicated to the presentation of scientific results to the general public in innovative forms. They were part of the dynamic of alternative writing in the social sciences started in 2013. The exhibition of paintings:
"What's in your medicines" (Pharmacide Arts) organized by The Laos-Oxford-Mahosot-Hospital-Wellcome Trust Research Unit (LOMWRU) and the IRD presented work on this theme by 12 artists from South East Asia. In their paintings, artists explore how inferior and falsified medicines affect people, society and public health in low- and middle-income countries in Southeast Asia. This event also included the restitution to the public of certain results of the Migration, Mobilities and HIV / STI Vulnerabilities project. An Interdisciplinary ; Community Based Participatory Research In Laos, through the presentation of the film Migrations. Knowledge on the move and two theatrical performances Science on the stage and Live With It. Finally, these days gave rise, at the University of Health Sciences, to the official presentation of the Lao version of the book The Paths of Ethics in Research in Laos and the Mekong

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